Harness the power of keywords to generate traffic to your website while you sleep.

If your clients or customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.
Full stop.
Let me guess...your ideal clients or buyers aren’t crickets. But that’s exactly how it felt when you launched your website.

You thought the perfect people would find you, but they haven’t. All you see is your empty calendar and empty spots in your program. No sales. All you hear is that mocking chorus of crickets.

It’s not your fault. With so many options and distractions, it’s no surprise that you have to fight for every website visitor...or do you?
Maybe you’ve even had one of the following thoughts:
  •  I’ve poured my heart and soul into this awesome product, which I know will change lives, but no one is buying...Why?
  •  I had great website stats last month, but suddenly my traffic has reached a complete standstill. What happened?
  •  I promoted my offering over and over again. Why aren’t they buying? It must be me, or my product. Uggg.
  •  I know my service is a million times better than the competition’s, but they’re making sales...and I’m not. What’s their secret?
  •  I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. So I throw money at random courses, hoping this latest tactic will be the answer, only to end up stuck and frustrated. Maybe I’m not cut out for this whole online entrepreneur thing after all. Sigh.
Maybe you’ve tried...
  •  Social media—blasting your posts into the universe and hoping someone, anyone, is listening.
  •  Fancy branding and website code—sprinkling your site with glitter and hoping it will attract your dream clients.
  •  Content overload—churning out blog posts, videos, and podcasts like no other and hoping someone famous will share them.
But you’re still missing out on those three magic letters that will bring the traffic to your virtual doorstep…
Whether you just launched your website or have been in this game for a while, chances are you’ve heard about SEO.
You might even realize you need some SEO in your life.
Here’s the thing though—you barely know what those three letters stand for—never mind how to actually “do SEO.”

Once you see the power of great SEO I guarantee that it will become your number one priority.
You’ve know SEO matters, but you’re avoiding it because it sounds complicated, techy, and so not in your realm of creative expertise.
Take heart—SEO doesn’t have to be so hard...

Leave it to me.

Markisha Velazquez,
Founder of
"The research for competitors and thorough action list to help optimize my site was priceless! I never had someone to ask simple questions about alt text or how to use seo words on my blog or product pages and Melissa answered each one with grace and patience. She understands the challenges of being a Solopreneur and is generous with teaching you how to maintain website optimization so you can see the results of more conversions and SALES!"
Let me do your SEO for you in my signature service, SEO My Site Now.
SEO My Site Now is a one-on-one service where I jump into the back end of your website, clear the cobwebs (don’t worry, you’re not the only one) and optimize your website to get more traffic while you sleep.
Here's what's included:
  • Website Checkup - An in-depth analysis of your website and your top 3 competitors’ keywords and backlinks. Plus, a strategy for optimization.
  • Checkup Overview Call - Then we’ll hop on a 45-minute call to go over your website checkup so I can walk you through my recommendations for your website before we start making changes.
  • SEO Infusion - This is the part where I will go into your website and complete the full SEO My Site process including fixing all broken links, updating image files with crucial keywords, and strategically adding keywords to all of your web pages and blog posts.
  • Google My Business Listing - On top of optimizing your website, I will implement this completely free “hack” for showing up at the top of Google Search for you.
  • Google Search Console - This is another must-have tool for getting found through organic search that I will be setting up for you as an SEO My Site Now client.
  • Yoast SEO Review (Wordpress Websites Only) - If you don’t already use Yoast SEO, I will install it into your website and then update your meta descriptions, make sure all of your title descriptions to be the right length, add your keywords, and make sure that you get the “green light” to make sure that your site is optimized for SEO.
The investment for SEO My Site Now is $897
Ready to get started? Click the button below to book your spot.
Jessica Barreira,
Founder of
"SEO has kind of been that boogie man figure for me—like the "you don't know what lurks in the darkness until you explore it" type of thing. SEO just sounded so overwhelming and dark and scary that I've been making every excuse in the book to NOT go there, even by convincing myself of the story "Oh, don't worry about SEO, valuable content is enough!" Well, personal experience, it's not and I have Melissa—the SEO wizard—to thank for that. She's taught me how simple SEO can be and HOW VITAL IT IS FOR BUSINESS. (And also kind of fun!)"
This isn’t just a one-and-done service. You’ll walk away with powerful lessons you can continue to apply to your business.
Yes, I’m going to optimize your site for you. But I’m not about to leave you hanging. I’ll walk you through all of the changes on your website and teach you how to easily handle them in the future. 
  •  How to get Google to love you and send a boatload of eager buyers to your website
  •  How to become a wizard at keyword research 
  •  How to optimize your images (i.e. with alt text) and put them to work for you
  •  How to structure your website in a super organized way that Google (and your customers) will absolutely love
  •  How to fully utilize Local SEO
  •  How to clean up your URLs to drive more traffic
  •  How to use the Yoast SEO Plugin on your Wordpress website

You’re Determined to Get Your Business Found Online, and SEO MY SITE NOW Will Bring You Traffic, Leads and Sales...
One piece of advice—don’t wait to implement SEO. The longer you push SEO to the bottom of your to-do list, the more sales and lifelong customers you can potentially wave goodbye to. Why give them up to your competition when you’ve worked so hard to come this far?
The traffic, leads, and sales you want are within your reach, and I’ve made it as easy as possible.
  •  New and Established Entrepreneurs
  •  Coaches
  •  Artists
  •  Online Shop Owners
  •  Strategists
  •  Educators
  •  Service Providers
  •  Consultants
  •  Bloggers
  •  Course Creators
  •  Salon Owners
  •  And more...
Ultimately, if you have a website for your business you will benefit from SEO My Site Now.
Stef Etow,
Founder of
"Up until this point, I had been approaching my web design from a purely visual standpoint, without considering the backend SEO strategies needed to put my site on the map. Melissa's audit and detailed assessment have now provided me with a lens through which I can see a more strategic way to get my brand and site out there in front of my ideal audience. I'm looking forward to applying the invaluable insights Melissa compiled for me as my website and business continue evolving. I would highly recommend Melissa's services to anyone looking for expert guidance on up-leveling their website and gaining more visibility online."   
I love tech and work with all kinds of websites including...
Don’t see your ecommerce platform? Just ask us at
Letter From The Creator
I’m Melissa McGraw, founder of The Creative Potential, and I’ve helped brands gain millions of website visitors.
That’s not a typo. Millions.
I’ve helped brands grow their organic audience by millions, and brands I’ve worked with have multiplied their organic search by triple digits in a matter of months.

Now, I’m bringing all of that big-brand experience to help creative entrepreneurs just like you boost your online presence, so you can make the impact and the money you want.

And who might those big brands be? I’m not one to name drop, but... Amazon.

You see, I kind of fell into the world of SEO when I started writing copy for Amazon over 8 years ago. I openly admit to being an analytics dork, so the psychology of why people search for certain phrases or keywords fascinates me.

That fascination led me to create over 100,000 SEO friendly product listings that are bringing in the dollars on Amazon today.

But you’re not Amazon, so why should you care? Well…
SEO MY SITE NOW was created because I was right where you are.
I get it.
But the fact is: You won’t get where you want to be without smart SEO.

Why? Because SEO (search engine optimization) is literally the ONLY way for Google and other search engines to know your business even exists.

You’ve created this amazing, life-improving product or service, and now you need to bring in the eyeballs (and credit card digits) to actually BUY IT.

You’ve come to the right place and found the SEO wizard who’s going to do the hard work for you.
- Melissa McGraw, Founder of The Creative Potential
Dr. Caitlin Faas,
Founder of
"Melissa is top-notch and is truly an expert at SEO. She actually enjoys this stuff too! I'm so grateful for her knowledge and expertise at guiding me through the process of understanding what to improve on my website."  
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I invest in SEO MY SITE NOW, when there are so many other tactics out there?
SEO is such a crucial part of getting found online. Without it, you won’t get the traffic, leads, and sales you want. This package not only allows you to get your site optimized, while you focus on other parts of your business, it also gives you a solid foundation to learn the basic SEO strategies that you can implement down the line.
How long does it take you to SEO MY SITE NOW?
The scope of the project will be discussed in our initial strategy call. The average range is XXXX
What if I’m unhappy with my experience?
Due to the work involved, I do not offer refunds for services. That said, I work very hard to ensure that you are a million percent satisfied with the service, but if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, all you need to do is email me at with any questions or concerns so we can fix it.
Can I do my own SEO?
If you wish to spend hours and hours of your time learning the technicalities of SEO rather than focusing on revenue generating tasks for your business, you can hack together some basic SEO. However, this will likely not yield the same results and will take a lot more of your time.
What if I’m totally tech challenged?
No worries! That’s what I’m here for. If at any time you feel overwhelmed by the language or the process, all you have to do is let me know and I will make sure to explain everything. I totally understand that you are NOT an SEO expert and it’s my job to make the whole process easy breezy.
Do you actually make changes to my website?
Yes! In SEO My Site Now I do make all of the changes to your website. This will save you hours of work outside of your expertise and optimize your website to start getting more views while you sleep.
Every day you wait to implement SEO is
another day of lost traffic, leads, and sales.
Let’s get the traffic your business deserves…
The investment for SEO My Site Now is $897
Ready to get started? Click the button below to book your spot.
Melissa McGraw
Founder of The Creative Potential
Melissa McGraw is a 20-year veteran of the fashion and consumer goods industry. She’s collaborated with iconic fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley, and Nicole Miller. She’s partnered with Gwen Stefani to launch Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B Handbags and other brands and built them from the ground up to the multi-national, billion dollar businesses that they are today. Melissa understands the complexities of both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retail models. In fact, she has written content and analyzed/reviewed SEO tactics for over 50,000 items that are currently sold on Amazon today. As an adjunct professor in ecommerce and logistics at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Melissa has her finger on the pulse of ecommerce trends and practices for creative businesses.

Melissa is passionate about fueling the pipeline with new talent and motivated by the idea that everyone has immense potential that deserves to be unleashed. Throughout her entire career, she has assisted all sizes of organizations – from creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, in successfully launching their businesses online 

The Creative Potential was formed in 2016 as the go-to resource for creative entrepreneurs to learn how to build their online business with passion and profit. We focus on the business and tech side of running your online business through our online workshops, online courses, website checkup and toolkit. It’s time to take action to get found online and make more sales!
Malie Bingham,
Founder of
"I hired Melissa to do an SEO check up on my website. She was able to see that I had some plugins on my site that were causing Google to not be able to read the full page of my site and also causing each blog to re-direct to the home page! I had no idea. After making to corrections my site almost immediately getting better traffic. I plan to do this again never I make major changes to my site."  
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